Types and Scope of Services Provided

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o, You need efficient and affordable transportation for yourself or your baggage in Katowice ? Try us services, Association of Drivers ' Echo - Taxi " , which provides comfort and safety of transport since 1996 .

We offer free helpline and we have an extensive digital connectivity , so our taxi immediately shows up in the place . In addition to transport ( also to the airport - Balice Pyrzowice , and even Okecie ) , we also provide courier services , event services, and driver rental.

Reservations can be made through the website and by telephone.


  • transport of people and things - vans + estate cars
  • courier services
  • small shopping for home delivery
  • breakdown service
  • event services
  • driver rental
  • advertisements on taxis
  • transport services for children
  • cashles courses
  • cooperation with companies
  • credit card payment
  • VAT invoice

Little bit of of statistics

90 000 000 Clients transported
100 Car in motion
100% Satisfaction
ponad 24 000 000 Kilometers driven
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